Welcome to the General Post Exchange!

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  1. Top “o the mornin’ too ya!
    This Exchange, it’s more of a communication exchange, right?
    So as I go through the process of figuring out how to use The World Exchange and buy/sell UCD, I can submit new blog posts, right?

    Right now, what I found out is that UCD does NOT show up in my T.W.E. wallet (already active with over 20 XRP). When I type it in, no issuer/backer shows up either. Am I supposed to manually enter the issuer address? If so, where do I find that?

    1. Must have 25 to trade correct and one more to hold a minimum of 20 in the account. 1 will always be used to for transactions fee and account adjustments.

      5 more XRP for any additional token/coin type that you plan to receive and exchange. Yeah!

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